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SAP Concur | Concur’s Elite Team Brought to You by Tyconz

This blog will give you a brief look into the training my teammates and I did, to become the top concur implementers in the region. Let’s just say we endured the GI Jo training of the software industry, all to best cater to your needs, when it became time to deliver. We are excited to […]

SAP Concur | A Complete Itinerary with SAP Concur

SAP CONCUR Airports, delays, and missed receipts can be frustrating, often I get asked how I cope with all of this travel. How do I manage to capture my expenses every week? How do I get myself to the airport without missing a flight? The answer is SAP Concur. What is SAP Concur? Imagine having […]

SAP Learning Management System | A Never-Ending Learning Process

What does it take for employees and businesses to thrive? Focusing on developing your employees and improving their skills showed numerous advantages as it increases the quality of work and improves employee satisfaction. However, most companies cannot afford to send their employees on a teacher-centric classroom due to insufficient funds, and according to a report […]

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