Co-CEO Jawad Fakih speaker at the Digital Lebanon Conference

Tyconz’s fearless leader and beloved Co-CEO Jawad Fakih will be a speaker at the “Digital Lebanon Conference” this year, taking place on the 13th of September 2019 at the Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut; Debating the methods and approaches of the “Digital Transformation Journey” and its impact on Lebanon.

Digital Lebanon conference aims to bring the brightest minds to discuss the institutional bases for building the future of Lebanon’s economy… the digital economy. It will discuss Lebanon’s digital strategy and the most pressing topics that will help the government bridge the technology and knowledge gaps in a world driven by new technologies that are radically creating new approaches that revolutionize how nations, societies, and businesses engage and collaborate.

The conference will also focus on key policy interventions, initiatives, and recommendations needed for Lebanon to be recognized as a regional player in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector by 2020, and as a quality supplier of innovative technology by 2025. It will discuss initiatives aiming to strongly position Lebanon on the global digital economy map and capitalize on its skilled human resources, rich entrepreneurial culture and the vast network of Lebanese entrepreneurs across the world, as well as highlight use cases of 5G, blockchain, artificial intelligence and many other technologies in private and public projects.

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