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Airports, delays, and missed receipts can be frustrating, often I get asked how I cope with all of this travel. How do I manage to capture my expenses every week? How do I get myself to the airport without missing a flight? The answer is SAP Concur.

What is SAP Concur? Imagine having your itinerary on a single platform, our SaaS simplifies travel and expense by granting you full control and total visibility. Assume you are traveling on a business meeting, where you’ll need to capture your travel expenses such as meals, taxis, and accommodation.

With SAP Concur, it all starts with a Travel Request. First, I file a request along with the dates, the destination, my preferred hotel vendor and other information my company would like to capture, and if I require a Cash Advance for the trip, I simply add a Cash Advance request on the form and submit the request. The system will then trigger a workflow for approval. Upon doing that, my Travel Management Company will receive an email notification and book my travel itinerary. I am set for my flight and ready to go.

SAP Concur is also integrated with a transportation network company like Uber for Business so, If I was looking for a ride to the airport, I can simply book a taxi from any mobile device and have my receipt automatically flowed to my expense report once my ride is completed, thus having no paper receipts and no excuses for lost receipts. I am guaranteed a full reimbursable taxi expense.

Finally, because my company credit card is integrated with SAP Concur, I receive a notification for every transaction, and since my company requires receipts for every expense, I use my phone camera to capture the receipt, and have it automatically stored on my Concur portal and ready for processing.

I am back at the office ready to file my expense report. According to a report by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), It will take on average 20 minutes to complete my expense report with:

–    Less data entry errors

–    Eliminating the need to manage paper receipts

–    Abiding by the company’s policy

Implementing SAP Concur is truly a win-win situation for all of us. I get reimbursed faster, the finance department spends less time on expense reports and the organization ensures that its employees are abiding by the company’s policy.

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