SAP Concur | What it Can Do For You

SAP Concur | What it Can Do For You

SAP has acquired several companies along the years. It has obtained Concur enterprise back in 2014 for 8.3 billion dollars, making it SAP’s biggest purchase ever! Concur enterprise, now referred to as SAP Concur, is the world’s leader in travel, expense management solutions and invoice solutions. It is a cloud-based solution that helps employees handle their expenses comfortably and simplifies the spend management process in organizations of all industries. Thus, it helps companies save both time and money.

SAP Concur started based on the idea that “There must be a better way”. There must be a better process for employees to handle their expenses, for organizations to analyze those expenses and for companies to reimburse their employees faster. Gone are the days where employees must manually enter expenses into a spreadsheet, print all the required receipts and wait to get reimbursed.

Now, with SAP Concur, You Can…

These are few of the features that Concur offers.

Concur aims to preserve efficiency and reduce cost in an organization. This is due to integrated solutions that are customizable to meet the needs of the customer within the Concur platform.

Learn how automating your expense, travel, and accounts payable helps you thrive and grow.

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