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SAP Learning Management System | A Never-Ending Learning Process

What does it take for employees and businesses to thrive?

Focusing on developing your employees and improving their skills showed numerous advantages as it increases the quality of work and improves employee satisfaction. However, most companies cannot afford to send their employees on a teacher-centric classroom due to insufficient funds, and according to a report by the Association for Talent Development, Companies spend on average $1,251 per employee.

With new technology on the rise, organizations are investing heavily in an LMS to embrace a continuous learning culture, increase the satisfaction of their employees and reduce the cost of training. By doing so, your employees can access any training anywhere, anytime, all while on the go. Companies can now associate learning items such as courses, books, checklists, Instructor-led courses, virtual courses, based on their business needs, so when you create a course, you can add a description to explain that their course will help learners achieve this competency. For some companies with structured learning, they can add objectives to their LMS and create a set of outcomes. By accessing their question library, learning administrators can create and assign pre-tests or post-tests or even a web assessment at the end of the course to evaluate their learners. finally, Admins can specify tasks that a user should be able to accomplish after successfully completing the course.

That is just a hint of a much larger matter, Azadea Group, a leading regional company operating in more than 13 countries, combined their learning management system with the succession and Development system. By creating a single, uniform solution for succession and learning, Azadea can ensure that the right candidate is taking the right training before getting promoted.

Personally, as a Consultant whose work demands a lot of traveling, having SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System is the way to go if you are looking for accessible learning wherever you are.

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