SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics and Planning

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics and Planning

Nowadays, organizations that are expanding to different regions of the world and hiring a diverse workforce at different career levels are operating in conditions of great uncertainty, complexity, and risk. Adopting an evidence-based approach to HR in light of these circumstances, is crucial to business success since it helps provide quick and more informed business and people decisions. Using Workforce Analytics and planning (WFAP) tools help leverage advanced embedded intelligence and insight into all HR processes from recruiting to retention to make smart decisions that support business strategy. In addition to WFAP tools, companies have to use workforce data as an enterprise-wide asset in order to effectively and efficiently drive the strategy and growth of the business through its talent.

Using WFAP solution, you can benefit from the technology and knowledge in people analytics and workforce intelligence solutions. This solution helps you accelerate your organization’s understanding of Big Data in HR and use workforce intelligence strategically to drive business impact. In order to simplify things and better navigate the solution, it is divided into two major solutions: workforce planning and workforce analytics.

  1. Workforce Planning

Is a well-rounded cloud solution that provides strategic workforce and operational headcount planning, it specifically helps with hiring and retaining the right people for upcoming years. In addition, it identifies risks and skill gaps, build what-if scenarios and cost models, optimize headcount plans, and develop strategies to hire and retain the right talent in turn aligning a company’s human resource planning with its business goals.

With Strategic Workforce Planning you can view, assess, and design your workforce to support your business strategies, in addition to avoiding any possible gaps in critical job roles. Moreover, you will be able to forecast potential vacancies in your workforce which allows you to identify and analyze risks early enough to find the suitable strategy for the situation.

On the other hand, using Operational Headcount Planning creates a continuous headcount planning process by allowing you to respond to changing business conditions. Moreover, it creates a smooth flow of data throughout the organization which offers adequate visibility that will help align the headcount guidelines with available budgets.

2. Workforce Analytics

Is a WFAP solution that helps you enhance your understanding of Big Data in HR, in addition this solution provides you with the tools to use workforce intelligence strategically in order to drive business impact. Using this cloud-based solution allows you to gather and validate workforce information, leverage an extensive library of HR metrics and benchmarks, and use collaborative analysis and compelling visualizations to answer key questions about your total workforce. Moreover, with workforce analytics it will be possible to turn data into intelligence that will measure HR strategies, predict outcomes, and recommend courses of action.

Three key features of workforce analytics are:

As a Summary

SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics and Planning solution promotes the ability to organize and analyze workforce data into business intelligence that will in turn lead to business growth. With this solution, you will be able to create targeted action plans based on factual evidence and not intuition, in addition to the ability to answer key questions through manipulation of data using workforce analytics.

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