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SAP Performance & Goal Management (PMGM)

Today, we are in January. You asked your employees and managers to add their goals for the current year. They did a meeting and they agreed on their goals. Later, they added them to a file and threw the file away.

In a blink of an eye, we are in December. What happened to these goals? Were they achieved? The employees and managers set another meeting to discuss these goals and evaluate the employees’ performance throughout the year, but it turns out that many of these goals have changed due to business needs, or maybe, some of the employees weren’t even working to achieve the preset goals.
It is clear in every organization that the employees’ personal goals should align with the company’s overall objectives. Also, continuous follow-ups must be obtained in order to make sure that the employees are working to achieve their goals in an effective manner.

SAP Performance & Goal Management (PMGM) helps in improving employees’ performance through thorough goal setting, ongoing discussions, and continuous follow-ups. It helps the managers get an early visibility into what their employees are working on and enables them to provide their employees with timely support to align their goals and improve their performance.

Why SAP PMGM you ask?

To begin with, SAP provides a mobile application that is available on both App Store & Google Play that is accessible anytime and anywhere. Employees and managers can access this application to add their goals and evaluate their performance anytime at any day without being present at the office.

Add to that, SAP PMGM supports the use of Continuous Performance Management, which allows employees to add their activities and achievements, and link them to their goals. Also, it provides the ability to set one-to-one meetings with their managers to further discuss their goals and make sure they are on the right track. Further to that, employees can either give feedback to their colleagues or request feedback from them. Once received, employees can manage all their feedback from one single place, and optionally link them to their activities or achievements.

When it comes to goal setting, SAP PMGM supports the use of common goals that multiple individuals, as a team, can achieve together. Also, it provides a goal library with more than 500 ready-to-use, role-specific goals based on research and industry experience.

In addition to the regular performance evaluation that involves both the ratings of the employees and the managers, SAP PMGM supports the use of the 360 feedback. The employee can be evaluated by his/ her peers, direct reports, managers, or any other external participants based on predefined questions. An important feature of the 360 feedback is that the person evaluating the employee can be anonymous; this means that the employee won’t have any visibility on the name of the evaluators.

SAP PMGM also supports the use of  a performance bell-curve where employees’ ratings are distributed based on the rating scales on a graphical representation. Authorized personnel can compare the actual ratings with the expected rating in a management calibration session.

In short, with SAP SuccessFactors PMGM, you can make sure that your employees are achieving their goals efficiently through continuous follow-ups and accurate performance assessment.

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