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New Venture: Zowadet Baladna Factory

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SAP SuccessFactors | Contactless Recruiting Process

A Peep into the Contactless Recruiting Process | SAP SuccessFactors

Contactless Recruiting Process…

I’ve learned over the years that, when you have really good people, you don’t have to baby them. By expecting them to do great things, you can get them to do great things.
– Steve Jobs –

Recruiting; the term has a lot of possibilities in the HR world and is integrated into several components that have been explored and are being explored for decades. The concept of Recruiting has been continuously modernized in recent years, taking different aspects and widening its spectrum from Headhunting, Talent Acquisition, Hiring, Talent Attrition, etc. Yet we don’t seem to be seeing an end to this progress. Recruiting will keep on uncovering new horizons due to the on-going pandemic situation.

Let us observe how the entire recruiting industry is recovering and exploring different paths to virtually connect and recruit the right talent to the organization in this pandemic.

Considering the early time when Recruiting used to be sourcing through agencies and newspapers, that later got taken over by social media platforms like LinkedIn and other Job boards, while the screening or shortlisting of candidates remained the same. We surely would not see people waiting outside of any organizations in queue for recruitment drives whilst the urge of getting the job remains the same through a virtual world, irrespective of the country, its people, industry and domain.

The face to face interview was mandatory once, has been completely replaced by the leading automated HR systems. SaaS product like SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management is one of the leading practice applications emerging every day to meet the HR and candidates expectations and provide the smoothest solutions to the customers. When it comes to Background verification, recruiting systems provides the best standard as well as customized solutions by making the recruiter’s task easy. A recruiter adopting these emerging AI based systems in short span of time is certainly giving their organization an edge Vis a Vis their competitors. Moreover, releasing offers to the candidates, which involves several approvals and negotiation between candidate and talent heads, are key aspects of a recruiting process and are tackled by SAP solutions as well as computations of salary components.

In this current situation where world is looking for contactless communication, such applications have revolutionized the recruiting industry with automated and AI based recruiting systems by covering the entire process from candidate application to releasing the offers in a contactless manner without compromising the quality of the process.

We look forward to discover the fascinating developments touching the recruitment industry resulting in continuous improvements on people’s lives!

Welcome the new Recruitment norms!

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