Talenica Officially Qualified as an SAP Partner Solution Package

SAP Partner Solution Package

Lebanon – August 2nd 2018, Talenica is proud to announce that it is officially qualified as a SAP partner solution package. Talenica is an integrated core HR and Payroll solution leveraging SAP market leading software and innovations. Together with partner services and specialty knowledge, Talencia ensures rapid time to value, low risk and high predictability projects at low price points.

Talenica is your ideal go-to company for human resource management. Our cloud-based solution leveraging SAP SuccessFactors Human Capital Management (HCM) suite, enables Core HCM and Payroll to exceed the expectations of HR and Payroll departments while providing a one-stop shop solution that is easily adapted to multiple countries, labor laws and legal requirements. Your organization’s HR and Payroll functions will no longer be daunting tasks to do.

Wherever there is space for improvement we do not think twice. Our solution has proved to be highly effective, designed to for everyone to enhance time efficiency and costs and achieve quick ROI!


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