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Contactless Recruiting Process…

I’ve learned over the years that, when you have really good people, you don’t have to baby them. By expecting them to do great things, you can get them to do great things.
– Steve Jobs –

Recruiting; the term has a lot of possibilities in the HR world and is integrated into several components that have been explored and are being explored for decades. The concept of Recruiting has been continuously modernized in recent years, taking different aspects and widening its spectrum from Headhunting, Talent Acquisition, Hiring, Talent Attrition, etc. Yet we don’t seem to be seeing an end to this progress. Recruiting will keep on uncovering new horizons due to the on-going pandemic situation.

Let us observe how the entire recruiting industry is recovering and exploring different paths to virtually connect and recruit the right talent to the organization in this pandemic.

Considering the early time when Recruiting used to be sourcing through agencies and newspapers, that later got taken over by social media platforms like LinkedIn and other Job boards, while the screening or shortlisting of candidates remained the same. We surely would not see people waiting outside of any organizations in queue for recruitment drives whilst the urge of getting the job remains the same through a virtual world, irrespective of the country, its people, industry and domain.

The face to face interview was mandatory once, has been completely replaced by the leading automated HR systems. SaaS product like SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management is one of the leading practice applications emerging every day to meet the HR and candidates expectations and provide the smoothest solutions to the customers. When it comes to Background verification, recruiting systems provides the best standard as well as customized solutions by making the recruiter’s task easy. A recruiter adopting these emerging AI based systems in short span of time is certainly giving their organization an edge Vis a Vis their competitors. Moreover, releasing offers to the candidates, which involves several approvals and negotiation between candidate and talent heads, are key aspects of a recruiting process and are tackled by SAP solutions as well as computations of salary components.

In this current situation where world is looking for contactless communication, such applications have revolutionized the recruiting industry with automated and AI based recruiting systems by covering the entire process from candidate application to releasing the offers in a contactless manner without compromising the quality of the process.

We look forward to discover the fascinating developments touching the recruitment industry resulting in continuous improvements on people’s lives!

Welcome the new Recruitment norms!

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Beside Every User-Code Stands Name

Beside Every User-Code Stands Name

This blog post is part of a series called “Tip of the Week”. This week, we’ll introduce a feature that helps run the business better when working with user-names.

Remember when you started a new job? What happened in one of the very first days? Right! You got your work e-mail address and access credentials to the various systems. Account and user names, passwords etc. Could be that your user is the same as your name but this is not always the case… each business has its own policy & preferences. So even if you learned by heart your credentials, it might not be that obvious that jd_02 is the user code created for John Doe who just joined the company together with four other new employees.

To increase transparency and prevent confusion SAP Business One displays the user name alongside the user code in License Administration and Add-on Administration windows:

This way, when assigning licenses or add-ons, the super user can ensure that the assignments are done for the relevant users. To improve usability, the list can be sorted by either user code or user name.

Available in SAP Business One 10.0 and SAP Business One 10.0, version for SAP HANA.

I hope you found this information helpful and as always, I’m looking forward to your feedback in the comments section below. If you do have questions about SAP Business One, feel free to ask them here in SAP Community Q&A. This tip and all other tips can be found in the tag tipoftheweek. To receive notifications about new related blog posts, please follow my profile and change your settings in your profile. Also, check out our SAP Business One Community page with lots of helpful links and resources.

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SAP Concur and SAP BusinessOne: Blog

Driving Business Growth While Maintaining Employee Safety | The New “Normal”

Covid19 changed the planet! We most certainly haven’t gone back to business as usual, since our lives, behaviors, work space and much more changed. What’s certain is that there is a new normal that we must adapt to. We are at new stage in business operations and with the help of latest technologies we will redefine the new normal that will shape the business life again.

Since the world shows no sign of any solution to Covid19, new technologies and business trends are arising aiming to help businesses and offices all over the world to continue working by taking complete safety measures and driving business growth. How can a business balance between the safety of its employees and staff and the continuity of business?

We will discuss key points that help every business succeed in providing efficient work safety measures. 

Working “Remotely” During Covid19:

Technology is shaping how we do business. Since the pandemic started a lot of technologies helped businesses continue their operations and ensure business task completions.

Video Conferencing: Video conferencing apps are on the frontlines of adaptation. Business used a variety of apps to complete meetings online, companies’ managerial councils lead video conferences to decide their next business decisions. Human resources departments used video conferencing to recruit new talent and provide trainings to their employees. Universities and schools continued teaching through video conferencing apps and many more organizations as well.

Shaping the New Normal:

We cannot go back to our normal lives even if the pandemic reaches a bright solution. Our lives, businesses and our systems became disrupted and a new normal will emerge. A new normal that combines efficiency and safety together. Group meeting have changed from being physical to being online, physical distance between each employee and the other is a must in the new work place.

In addition to the increased attention on security In order to keep the company’s confidential information safe, companies are employing more IT people and collaborating with software vendors to install latest safety and secure networks that protect their vital information.

Hybrid workplace – Meetings, Projects and Tasks:

The workplace has transformed into a hybrid one. Employees are being divided into teams that ensure weekly shifts to the workplace to keep physical distance. Keeping social distance while keeping in touch through online meetings and instant communication software. Moreover, the workplace transformed into a task-oriented workplace where management is giving more attention to task completions and weekly goals achievements.

Tyconz Tips and suggestions:

Tyconz was one of leaders of the shift to remote work and the new normal, our information technology experts were able with consistency to swift securely to this transition.

  • A shift to cloud:

Tyconz pushed the effectiveness of working remotely to the extreme by increasing cloud adoption. Cloud not only facilitated the adaptability of both the company and our employees to the shift in the work environment, but also reduced dependency on our internal IT while continuing to support customers, and projects throughout our various dispersed geographies.

  • Ensure Data Protection and Employee Information Management:

Today a strongly secure network is essential to a safe remote work experience. This also     needs the collaboration of all employees to pay extreme attention on how they use their work tools.

Securing company systems from all types of crashes, spyware and hacking activities, while protecting it from the increasing threat of data theft. Secure networks give employees complete privacy which in return makes working from home easier, safer and more efficient.  

As the world shifts to a new work normal, companies must rapidly adapt to a hybrid, task driven work force that ensure both efficiency and employee safety. Physical distance at the work place while maintain effective collaboration through communication software to reach goal completions. Most importantly employing the security precautions to protect company vital data. Consequently, Tyconz created The Business Continuity package. A well-chosen mix of SAP solutions in one bundle created by Tyconz to help companies cope with the major shift in the work environment, and the increasing number of people working remotely. This revolutionary, business saving package has the mission and the vision to assist companies in increasing their agility, efficiency, and controls.

Full Package Details here

Deactivate Irrelevant UoMs in a Group

Deactivate Irrelevant UoMs in a Group

This blog post is part of a series called “Tip of the Week”.

Thorough preparation can be lengthy and not very exciting – but it pays off. It ensures smooth and efficient ongoing work. When all the definitions, settings, and initial data are made in advance, work flies! But even perfect prep work should be refreshed from time to time – new definitions should be made and existing ones may become irrelevant for short or long term.

This is why SAP Business One enables you to set irrelevant UoMs included in UoM groups as inactive:

By default, all UoMs within a group are set to “Active”. When deselecting the checkbox, the given UoM becomes inactive, and will not appear in any dropdown list of Unit of Measures, and will be hidden in Item Master Data respective sub-windows – i.e. Bar Codes sub-window, Purchasing tab > Purchasing UoM Code, and Sales tab > Sales UoM Code.

Available in SAP Business One 10.0 PL01 and SAP Business One 10.0, version for SAP HANA PL01.

I hope you found this information helpful and as always, I’m looking forward to your feedback in the comments section below. If you do have questions about SAP Business One, feel free to ask them here in SAP Community Q&A. This tip and all other tips can be found in the tag tipoftheweek. To receive notifications about new related blog posts, please follow my profile and change your settings in your profile. Also, check out our SAP Business One Community page with lots of helpful links and resources.

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SAP Business One | Created a Form? Add Authorization!

Created a Form? Add Authorization!

SAP Performance and Goal Management

Continuous Performance Follow-ups | SAP PMGM

SAP Performance & Goal Management (PMGM)

Today, we are in January. You asked your employees and managers to add their goals for the current year. They did a meeting and they agreed on their goals. Later, they added them to a file and threw the file away.

In a blink of an eye, we are in December. What happened to these goals? Were they achieved? The employees and managers set another meeting to discuss these goals and evaluate the employees’ performance throughout the year, but it turns out that many of these goals have changed due to business needs, or maybe, some of the employees weren’t even working to achieve the preset goals.
It is clear in every organization that the employees’ personal goals should align with the company’s overall objectives. Also, continuous follow-ups must be obtained in order to make sure that the employees are working to achieve their goals in an effective manner.

SAP Performance & Goal Management (PMGM) helps in improving employees’ performance through thorough goal setting, ongoing discussions, and continuous follow-ups. It helps the managers get an early visibility into what their employees are working on and enables them to provide their employees with timely support to align their goals and improve their performance.

Why SAP PMGM you ask?

To begin with, SAP provides a mobile application that is available on both App Store & Google Play that is accessible anytime and anywhere. Employees and managers can access this application to add their goals and evaluate their performance anytime at any day without being present at the office.

Add to that, SAP PMGM supports the use of Continuous Performance Management, which allows employees to add their activities and achievements, and link them to their goals. Also, it provides the ability to set one-to-one meetings with their managers to further discuss their goals and make sure they are on the right track. Further to that, employees can either give feedback to their colleagues or request feedback from them. Once received, employees can manage all their feedback from one single place, and optionally link them to their activities or achievements.

When it comes to goal setting, SAP PMGM supports the use of common goals that multiple individuals, as a team, can achieve together. Also, it provides a goal library with more than 500 ready-to-use, role-specific goals based on research and industry experience.

In addition to the regular performance evaluation that involves both the ratings of the employees and the managers, SAP PMGM supports the use of the 360 feedback. The employee can be evaluated by his/ her peers, direct reports, managers, or any other external participants based on predefined questions. An important feature of the 360 feedback is that the person evaluating the employee can be anonymous; this means that the employee won’t have any visibility on the name of the evaluators.

SAP PMGM also supports the use of  a performance bell-curve where employees’ ratings are distributed based on the rating scales on a graphical representation. Authorized personnel can compare the actual ratings with the expected rating in a management calibration session.

In short, with SAP SuccessFactors PMGM, you can make sure that your employees are achieving their goals efficiently through continuous follow-ups and accurate performance assessment.

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